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“ A collection of songs written to showcase my versatility as a songwriter ,  also simply because I love all music , all styles. I wanted to experiment move out of the comfort zone. My passion is the studio,  the boundaries are limitless , you can be whoever you want . To write songs makes me happy , to create , to produce ........

Here is my portfolio “




Songwriting Showreel

On 15 th January 2017 I flew to London for a recording  session with Haydn Bendall at Strongroom studios , Shoreditch . The result was " What about the love" which you can listen to in the player below.


Haydn Bendall is an English record producer, engineer and mixer. He was Chief Engineer at Abbey Road Studios for ten years and was awarded the Audio Pro Industry Excellence Award for Best Studio Engineer in 2009.Haydn has recorded and produced Paul Mc cartney, Kate Bush, A HA, Elton John , Peter Gabriel . It was a total pleasure to work with Haydn his passion and excitment about making music is infectious.


" Kyle is a consumate singer/songwriter and a joy to work with I look forward to many further projects with him."  Haydn Bendall

Songwriting Portfolio
Instrumentals versions

"One of the greatest Led Zeppelin tracks , in my humble opinion. In third year at Laurel Hill High School my friend David Parker used to get me to sing the opening lines of " Black Dog" he thought I sounded like Robert Plant , I really didn't think I did but I sang it anyway. So I decided to record this as a tribute to a band whose music has been with me from I was 11 years old.

 On guitar is Stevie ( Dog) Stranaghan who I would like to point out played this track from start to finish, brilliantly, in one take, a master player.

Bass is covered by David Hanna a fantastic player who nailed this perfectly.

Drums are played by Robert Mc Neil , when I decided to record this song there was only one drummer I could think of and I was right, again a brilliant performance.


Many thanks to Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.


Young and Foolish - Tony Bennett , Bill Evans


Driving home very late one night listening to radio 3 , I heard this song being introduced so I turned it up , I had never heard it before and I was captivated , I pulled over to listen more carefully. Tony Bennett's phrasing ,tone and delivery are without doubt among the best in the world . Bill Evans is a magnificent player . The story behind the song really grabbed me , "Young and foolish , why is it wrong to be , young and foolish , we haven't long to be" . This was a hard song to nail , I hope Tony would like what I have recorded, Thank you Tony and Rest in Peace Bill.



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